Why Choose RI Camps?

A camp that belongs to the Rhode Island Association of Camps adheres to the Principles of Operations which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Is administered by a person with a bachelor’s degree, 5 or more years of supervisory and administrative camp related and/or youth development experience, and who undergoes continuing professional development.
  • Offers programs in a structured environment that meets written ratios and policies established by the camp that are reflective of the camp’s mission, or purpose.
  • Conducts personal or telephone interviews and requires at least two references for paid and volunteer staff members.
  • Conducts background checks of applicants in accordance with Rhode Island state law.
  • During staff training, covers topics that consist of, but are not limited to, emergency, health, and safety procedures, physical and sexual abuse of children, discipline policies, age appropriate developmental needs of children, and role and duty clarification of staff members.
  • Has a policy regarding the supervision of campers.

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